Communal Installations

Communal Installations

There are two types of Communal Systems that we both design and install. The first being the MATV system and secondly the IRS system.

MATV (Master Antenna TV)

Digital Terrestrial TV, FM Radio and DAB.

This is the most common system fitted to Flats and Hotels. These systems do not generally carry Satellite services but can be upgraded to anĀ IRS system. We can provide a fault finding and maintenance service to keep these systems running efficiently.

IRS (Integrated Reception System)

Satellite, Digital Terrestrial TV, FM Radio, DAB and Sky Q

This is the most modern system currently being fitted to new buildings. It is also popular on older buildings that need to be upgraded, as it requires only one Satellite dish on the building which cuts out the need for individual dishes being fitted onto the wall of each dwelling, which is generally in breach of Planning Regulations and looks unsightly. This system is also the most flexible in as far as with keeping up with new technology.

We have installed over 90 systems and can provide several references to anyone who requires recommendations from our very happy customers. We have displayed a couple of pictures of our installed IRS systems and as you can see we take pride in our work. We will also be providing upgrades to IRS systems to enable Sky Q services shortly.